Air Photo Services is a leading UK provider of specialist independent interpretation of aerial imagery for heritage, planning, environmental and legal applications.

Working nationally and internationally we provide detailed expert interpretation and mapping from modern and historical aerial photographs, satellite and Airborne Laser Scan (ALS, also known as LiDAR) imagery. We deliver our services as consultancy advice, written reports, GIS-ready mapping and authoritative presentation of expert witness evidence in court, adjudication or Public Inquiry.

Since Chris Cox and Rog Palmer founded Air Photo Services in Cambridge in 1990, we have provided advice, interpretation and mapping services into over 1200 heritage, planning and legal projects. We are committed to providing learning and career opportunities for students and younger professionals. Our detailed knowledge of aerial imagery archives, diligent attention to client service, team working, accurate mapping, reporting and provision of expert evidence from aerial imagery is applied across major UK infrastructure, renewable energy, legal, planning and development projects for our commercial and public sector clients.